Helped a Pressure Washing Client Generate 120+ Leads Per Month With Google Ads

Client Overview:

Marder Pressure Washing is a pressure washing company based in Elmhurst, Illinois. They offer a range of pressure washing services and have been in the market for five years, earning positive reviews from their customers.


They were previously running Google Ads, but the cost per conversion was extremely high, and there was no consistent flow of leads to keep their business running smoothly.


We first audited their ad account, which had a lot of data. Upon analysis, we found several mistakes, the major ones being very broad keywords, poor account structure, and the absence of a dedicated landing page.

Our approach included creating a landing page and setting up a new campaign with separate ad groups for each service to ensure our ads were relevant to user searches. After continuous monitoring, we started seeing results within a week.


Leads Generated: 30 / First Month

Conversion Rate: 20%

Cost per Lead: $33

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